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Created 16-Jul-12
Modified 7-Jan-24
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The photos in this gallery are for perusal by editors looking for layout, shots.

Other photos are available for consideration throughout the Embracing Nature Galleries.

Except where stated, i.e."Captive", all animals are free roaming wildlife.

Interested editors can contact me for more information by clicking here.

** All photographs in this gallery are copyright protected and may not be copied, screen grabbed, clipped, or used in any way without written permission from Jimmy Jones Photography. **

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'06 Female - LS/L0001'06 Female - LS/L0006'06 Female / Lamar Canyon Pack - Ls/L0015'06 Female - LS/L0021'06 Female - LS/L0022'06 F / 755M/Lamar Canyon Pack Alphas - LS/L0023'06 Female - LS/L0031'06 Female / Lamar Canyon Pack - LS/L0039'06 Female - LS/L0044'06 Female - LS/L0056'06 Female - LS/L0854'06 Female Wolf - LS/L0855'06 Female - LS/L0856'06 Female Wolf - LS/L0860'06 Female / Lamar Canyon Pack - LS/L0861'06 Female - LS/L0862'06 Female - LS/L0863'06 Female Wolf - LS/L0016'06 Female - LS/L0866'06 Female Wolf - LS/L0867