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Created 15-Apr-14
Modified 15-Apr-14
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Guestbook for Lunar Eclipse: April 14-15,2014
Jimmy Jones Photography
Jodi, in answer to your question, yes I used a tripod.
I took the photographs using a Canon 7D camera mounted to a Canon 500mm f/4 IS lens with a 1.4x tele. Supported on a Wimberly II gimbal head, and a Manfrotto ~ 055CXV3 View Carbon Fiber Tripod.

Thank you all for your comments and for visiting!
Jane forwarded me the link to your photos. They are so beautiful! Thanks you for sharing them. Did you use a tripod?
Jim Halfpenny(non-registered)
Nice series of photos! We get another chance in October. Maybe it will be clear out here next time.
Linda & Larry Rabe(non-registered)
Thank you for posting the blood moon We could not see it due to the cloud cover. We sure do enjoy your photos
Corrine Gurry(non-registered)
Didn't get to see any of the eclipse myself. Thank you Jimmy for sharing one of nstures spectacles with us. When I lived in Hawaii I got to see many, many wonderful moon gazing sights. "Oh Moon, who tugs on Earthly tides and women's wombs as well, smiling through Tantalus borne clouds on a sleeping Honolulu below, keep balancing us with spring and neap as you make the oceans flow." A journal entry of mine from decades ago.
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