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Created 28-Feb-16
Modified 7-Nov-23
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This trip was dominated by the fox. Not one, but at least eight different animals. With the wolves being far from many areas they usually are found in, the fox and coyotes took advantage of their absence.

The only wolves that remained, were three Lamar Canyon wolves, all with mange. The worst, the grey pup. It was heartbreaking to see this lone pup struggling to stay alive. At one point it appeared he might not make it thru the night. I was surprised he was still alive the next day. He later was seen under a tree thought to be dead. Amazingly, he was not. He then was not seen for days and his condition was not known. When he reappeared, he was so much improved in his ability to move, it was thought he was not the same wolf. We all were hoping for his survival and full recovery.

All animals in this gallery, are free roaming wildlife.

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