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Created 25-Feb-17
Modified 26-Feb-17
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Wolves were seen at great distance this trip, however, the Lamar Canyon wolves did make a brief showing one morning that was close enough to get some shots.
The fox and coyotes take advantage of the wolves absence, and are seen more often.
We had some emaciated bison at Soda Butte Cone. Fortunately, they only have one more month until things start getting better.
A cooperative bull moose at Round Prairie was a nice treat.
It's always great to be in Yellowstone in winter!

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Buffalo Ranch at Sunrise ~ Lamar ValleySilver Dollar Bull MooseLone BisonFrosty BisonLamar Canyon Pack WolvesSilver Dollar Bull MooseRed Fox in WinterSilver Dollar Bull MooseLamar Canyon Pack Wolf w/ BisonSilver Dollar Bull MooseFrosty BisonRed Fox in WinterSilver Dollar Bull MooseFrosty BisonFrosty BisonBison at SunsetSilver Dollar Bull MooseRed Fox in WinterSilver Dollar Bull MooseFrosty Bison

Guestbook for Yellowstone Winter 2017
Jim Lascuola(non-registered)
Thanks Jim , always look forward to see these awesome snippets of natures treats.
Edwin K Growden(non-registered)
Incredible Jimmy. Favourites would be the Fox leaping high to get through the ice.
Cheers. Keith
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