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Created 5-Sep-12
Modified 22-Apr-24
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This gallery features my latest work that does not appear in specific trip galleries. These photos will also appear in their appropriate gallery, i.e. Bob Cats, Landscapes, Raptors, etc.. New photos will rotate in and out as time goes on.

All animals in this gallery, are free roaming wildlife. Unless stated otherwise.

** All photographs in this gallery are copyright protected and may not be copied, screen grabbed, clipped, or used in any way without written permission from Jimmy Jones Photography. **

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Half Moon ShotBald Eagle at NestBald EagleRed Shouldered HawkBald Eagle at NestWild TurkeyBald EagleTurkey VultureRed Shouldered HawkBlack-Tail DeerGreat Horned Owls in BarnCanada Geese FlockBald EagleCoyoteRed Shouldered HawkWild Hog w/ PigletsTurkey VultureBlack-Tail DeerBald EagleWild Hogs w/ Piglets

Guestbook for Latest Shots
Very nice work! Thank you for allowing me to view your latest images. I am amazed to see these Red Shouldered Hawks!! Also the Wild Hogs were something I don't see too often. The Great Horned Owl's looked like they just woke up. Keep up the great artistry and spectacular photography.
Keith Growden(non-registered)
Thanks for showing Jimmy. Fantastic shots. Always like looking at them.

june Buechting(non-registered)
The detail is incredible. The the color combinations and compliments are superb.
Tom & Jeanie Bryant(non-registered)
We love looking at your pictures Jimmy! They are beautiful!! You always get such amazing shots!!!
Ana Luisa Luque M(non-registered)
Great photos.
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