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Created 24-Feb-18
Modified 24-Feb-18
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Another great trip to God's country! We had the Lamar Canyon Pack on a bull elk kill in Soda Butte Valley for a brief time one morning in limited pre dawn light with some light snow flurries. After that, they retreated into the trees where they stayed for the most part during day light hours for the next few days until they abandoned the kill.

The wolf project leader Doug Smith did make an attempt to collar the Lamars from the air, but could not get them to come out of the trees, so after about 15-20 minutes they had to abort the attempt.

This kill sight was the center of attention all week long. It attracted birds, fox, coyotes, and eagles.

We also had multiple moose east of the confluence, with one bull still sporting his rack.

Our other wolf sighting was of the Junction Butte pack from wrecker at great distance, but I was able to get some landscape shots with them.

The other players were some big horn, and fox that were very accommodating, and took direction well with very little rehearsal.

Once again we saw a lot of good friends and had a great time in Yellowstone!

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John Gerken(non-registered)
Great Photos Jimmy!
Robin Poole(non-registered)
As usual,l FANTASTIC pics. You were there at a great time of year. Finding wolves gets harder every year, imho. Keep 'um coming!
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