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Created 25-Jul-16
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We decided to make our spring trip in June rather than May this year in the hopes of seeing the elk and prong horn calves. However we only saw one prong horn calf and no elk. After assessing the situation, I have come to the conclusion that the hot weather the two weeks before we arrived had resulted in the elk and wolves staying up at higher elevations making sightings far and rare. The cast of players for this trip was too few.

None the less we had a great time anyway and decided to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Yellowstone is gorgeous in spring.

The two most exciting events both involved black bears. The first, a young cinnamon who was chased up a tree by a larger black. The second, Rosie and a larger sow, both with cubs, actually got into a fight when they came to close to each other's comfort zone. That was exciting since neither seemed to get hurt. With all that said, I think we'll stick with May.

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Black Bear EncounterAmerican Cliff SwallowsBlack Bear Sow w/ CubsGolden Eagle in Halloween TreeBlack Bear CubBadgerBlack Bear SowOsprey at NestPronghornBlack Bear CubBlack Bear Sows FightingOsprey at NestBlack Bear CubBlack Bear "Intimidation"Blacktail DeerThe '06 Female Rock Setting in Lamar CanyonSoda Butte Valley in Late SpringAmerican Cliff SwallowsCinnamon Black Bear ~ Holding on For LifeYellowstone River Canyon

Guestbook for Yellowstone Spring 2016
Keith Growden(non-registered)
Hi Jimmy. Good to see you had a great time even though you didnt see every thing you were hoping for. Loved the slide show.
Cheers. Keith
Kirsty Peake(non-registered)
Wonderful start to a dull July British morning. Thank you Jimmy
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