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Created 6-Aug-12
Modified 4-Jan-24
808 photos
This gallery focuses on the small world around us that includes flowers, bugs, birds and other small subjects.
All creatures in this gallery are free roaming wildlife.

** All photographs in this gallery are copyright protected and may not be copied, screen grabbed, clipped, or used in any way without written permission from Jimmy Jones Photography. **

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Buckeye ButterflyWhite Headed Woodpecker (Male)Wilson's WarblerErminePraying MantisAnna's HummingbirdAllen's HummingbirdAnna's HummingbirdGround SquirrelAllen's HummingbirdTiger SwallowtailDark - Eyed JuncoAmerican Cliff SwallowsWhite-brested NuthatchKatydid Bush NymphErmineWhite Featherleg DragonflyVesper SparrowRufous - Subadult - HummingbirdWhite-brested Nuthatch