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Created 26-May-18
Modified 26-May-18
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Bears, Bears, and more Bears!
This trip was dominated by bears. Specifically, black bears and cubs.

Rosie has three COY "cubs of the year" this spring, and they put on quite a show.
We had every kind of weather you could expect this time of year except snow. Temps were between 29ºf and 71ºf. It was all great!

As always we saw great friends, and made new ones!

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Lamar Valley in SpringBlack Bear Sow Rosie w/ CubHarlequin DucksRosie's Black Bear CubsElk in Little AmericaBlack BearBlack Bear Sow Rosie w/ CubsBison CalfBisonRosie's Black Bear CubProng HornHarlequin DucksBlack Bear Sow Rosie w/ CubLamar Valley in SpringBlack BearYellowstone RiverBlack BearBlack BearBlack Bear Sow Rosie w/ CubBison w/ Calves

Guestbook for Yellowstone Spring 2018
Larry Rabe(non-registered)
Awesome beautiful pictures. We so enjoy your photos. Thanks for sharing and thanks for all your hard work in capturing these images.
Keith Growden(non-registered)
We loved them all Jimmy. Now Margaret wants a little black bear. Fantastic captures.
keith and Margaret.
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