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Created 12-Jun-17
Modified 12-Jun-17
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The lack of elk has really had an impact on wolf sightings. A few years ago you had a much better chance of photographing a wolf at a fair distance. That has not been the case for quite some time now. As in the recent past, I had only one pack that was visible at great distance in the time we were there, the Prospect Peak Pack at the den.

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Big Horn RamsYellowstone WildflowersRed Fox With MarmotGrizzly Sow and CubGrizzly Sow and CubBlack Bear Sow With CubsBisonGrizzly Sow and CubsBig Horn EweBlack Bear Sow and CubsGrizzly CubsGrizzly CubCoyoteBig Horn EweProspect Peak Pack Mom Nursing Pups at DenBlack Tailed Deer BucksBlack Tailed Deer BuckBig Horn EweBlack Bear Sow With CubBlack Bear Cub

Guestbook for Yellowstone Spring 2017
John Hoder(non-registered)
Great work again, Jimmy. Hope to see you and Debbie in February.

Kim Waddle(non-registered)
I always look forward to your new galleries, as usual, this one does not disappoint. SO sad about the elk and the wolves, the wolves are my favorite! Still dream of being a quiet little mouse on one of your Yellowstone photo shoots. :) Keep 'em coming!
Your photography is ENTRANCING to say the least,it brings back childhood memories for me with my parents and four siblings.
We camped often Yellowstone is one of my favotoer memories,as is Yosemite and the Grand Canyon.
Simply ethereal.
Edwin K Growden(non-registered)
Awesome photo's Jimmy. Thanks for showing us. Felt sorry for the Marmot but i guess we all have to eat. :)
Cheers. Keith
Ana Luisa Luque M.(non-registered)
Beautiful, beautiful photos!!!!
What can you tell me about the assassination of the white wolf? Very sad indeed....
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