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This trip proved to be a challanging one for wolf photography. The snowfall levels this year were low, so the elk were still up high and out of sight for the first week. With the Lamar Canyon pack gone, seeing wolves was not an easy task. The Canyon pack was the only wolves to be seen close up, and that was before dawn in very poor lighting.

As dismal as things were, this spring could turn out very exciting. The northern range has only 24 wolves at this time, however as the dening season approaches, things could get very busy with the possability of wolves returning to den. The Lamar Valley is up for grabs!

The one thing you can count on in nature, is change.

Stay tuned...

Note: Some wolf photos in this gallery were photographed in pre dawn light. They were posted here to document this trip and will not be posted in other galleries.

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Guestbook for Yellowstone Winter 2013
Kathy Vile(non-registered)
Thank you so much sharing your beautiful pictures. If I am lucky I hope to see it in person some day but it would not be in the winter.
vicki minahan(non-registered)
great shots, thanks for sending them, l can't wait till we get there later in the year
Jimmy Jones Photography
Thanks Mark,

We think alike!
That's just what I thought when I was reviewing the shots.

Mark Miller(non-registered)
Very nice shot of that golden eagle in flight! I can visualize that on a book cover, with room for 'copy' above.
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