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Created 1-Mar-20
Modified 29-Feb-24
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Another great trip to God's country!

This trip had all the elements you could hope for.

Wolves, Moose, Elk, Bison, Fox, Coyotes, Eagles, a carcass, and weather with temps ranging from 39°f, down to -22°f.

Things started out slow but picked up after that and kept going the rest of the week.

We had a bison that did not make it thru the night and was in the Lamar Valley with various visitors showing up to feed on it. No wolves found the carcass the entire week we were there, so many other animals enjoyed the benefit of such a large food source.

Over all this was a great trip

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Red FoxBull ElkBisonEight Mile Pack WolvesRed FoxSilver Dollar Bull MooseMooseRed FoxBull ElkUnknown Wolf Pack of FiveBull ElkRed FoxSilver Dollar Bull MooseCoyoteSilver Dollar Bull Moose w/CowRed FoxEight Mile Pack WolvesBisonBison EulogySilver Dollar Bull Moose

Guestbook for Yellowstone Winter 2020
Keith Growden(non-registered)
Another lot of amazing captures Jimmy. Would love to get back there one day. In the meantime i will just keep looking at your shots. Thanks for showing us.
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