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Created 7-Dec-12
Modified 12-Mar-24
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Shot Dead - 12/06/12

At the time of her death, Yellowstone's '06 Female was the most famous, most photographed, most beloved wolf in the world.
I first photographed her when she was two years old. She was out on her own and had just made her first known solo elk kill. This was a unique accomplishment for any two year old wolf or any wolf for that matter, male or female. Since then she had gained the attention of wolfwatchers from around the world. Her independence, intelligence, and leadership set her apart. She was my favorite. I will miss her the most of all the wolves that have gone before.

You can read her Obituary in The New York Times here:

It is hard to digest the ignorance that has led to this tragic event. The reckless, irresponsible stewardship of these missrepresented animals is unacceptible.

To help transition from mourning her death, to celibrating her life. I have partnered with renowned guitarist John Sheldon who has written a beautiful piece in tribute to her memory titled, "Wolf 06".

"I wanted to make a tribute. I'll never know if I connected to some great wolf spirit, or just the wolf spirit in me, but what's the difference? The piece is my offering to wildlife and wolf lovers of the world. It's what I have to give." – John Sheldon, Composer of "Wolf 06"

It is now the soundtrack to the slideshow.

I have also added sixty three previously unreleased photos to this gallery.

In addition, I have made a post on my blog about my experience with the '06 Female over the years, and since her death. I invite you to take a read.

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Thank You All for your heart felt comments!

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Guestbook for In Memory of Yellowstone's '06 Female Wolf / 832f / She Wolf / American Wolf / 0-Six / The She Wolf / Die Wolfin
Joan Marshall(non-registered)
I love these photos. Thank you for sharing with us.
I also just finished reading "American Wolf" by Nate Blakeslee. I watched "06"s grandfather, "21" and the Druid Pack in the PBS Nature Episode "In the Valley of the Wolves". In fact, it has become a tradition for me to watch "In the Valley of the Wolves" and "Christmas in Yellowstone" every Christmas season for the past decade. As I was reading "American Wolf", I was seeing "21" in my mind, through to his granddaughter "06". I immediately connected with "06" and I would picture the movements of her pack as they hunted and as they encountered other wolves, as if it were the Nature episode. When I reached the chapter when the hunter raised his rifle, my heart sank. The night I finished the book I couldn't sleep. It's hard to explain, but the feeling of loss was very deep. Thank you for this beautiful memorial to "06".
Keith Growden(non-registered)
Amazing photo's of an amazing creature. Thank you Jimmy for allowing us the pleasure of seeing them. Loved the show. So sad she is gone and now her daughter also.

Just finished reading The Wolf by Mate Blakeslee. It was a gift from my son. Our interest stems from 3 huskies. 1 malamute and 2 Siberian. Sadie the older of the 3 has remarkable markings that resemble a wolf. However smaller in size I am sure her abilities to fend for herself or in a group in the wild would be similar to what I have just read. Majestic animals to say the least. There is a pecking order here with Sadie being dominant. Lexi with awesome red colouring and mask is second in order and Bear the Malamute male who is younger has learned to accept his place. It is not without challenge though. Reading this book and observing some of the Huskies traits it makes me appreciate them that much more.
Larry & Linda Rabe(non-registered)
What a beautiful wolf. We miss her so much. She brought so much joy to so many people.
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