Created 29-Feb-24
Modified 27-Mar-24
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After four years, we finally got back to God's country!

The weather was a mix of everything from bright overcast, to snow, to sunshine.

The main players were the Shrimp Lake wolf pack, moose, coyotes, bison, elk, pronghorn, and beautiful landscapes.

It was a real blessing to be back and see some good friends, and take in the beauty of Yellowstone!

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MooseShrimp Lake Pack PupBull ElkMooseShrimp Lake Pack Black FemaleMooseShrimp Lake Pack Wolves BeddedMooseCoyoteBisonShrimp Lake Pack PupMooseShrimp Lake Pack Black FemaleBarronette PeakMoose StampedeMooseBison Carcass in Lamar CanyonBull MooseShrimp Lake Pack Black FemaleMoose