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Created 17-Oct-10
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This gallery shows an event rarely witnessed by anyone. This beta male of Yellowstone's Canyon wolf pack is in the process of wearing down this bison cow that is sick or injured. This ordeal went on for two days and finally ended with this single wolf making the kill late in the evening. It is unknown what ailed the bison, but if this had not happened it is possible she could have died a very slow and painful death over the course of days or even weeks. The carcass of this bison fed not only the six members of the Canyon pack, but also bears, eagles, coyotes, ravens, and other animals. There is little waste in nature.
"One interesting observation I had was ... this wolf never showed his teeth, growled, or even snarled at this bison. He operated with purpose and precision without any hostility like you see in the movies.
Wolves are perhaps the most misrepresented of all wild animals."

All animals in this gallery are free roaming wildlife.

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The Wolves of Yellowstone ~ A Pictorial Essay
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Bison Slayer

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