I was born and raised just outside of

Baltimore, Maryland.  Ever since I was a

boy, I have always loved nature.  Whenever

I could, I would be in the woods with my

dog, Rusty.







My favorite animal has always been the Gray Wolf, ( except for Rusty )...  When I


was a kid, I painted a wolf paw print on the chain guard of my bicycle and


wrote, " The Wolf " next to it.  That was a long time ago...   Since then I have


had many interests.  I started playing the drums when I was thirteen.  I got


my first car when I was fifteen.  It was a '56 Mercury, it wasn't pretty, it


wasn't new,  and I had to fix it myself, but that was fine with me


because I grew up around a garage and loved fixing cars.  Believe me, if


it was on that car, at one point or another, I had to fix it.  My mechanical


skills led me into the automotive business.  For over fifty years I


have worked on everything from your average car, to school buses, heavy


equipment, large trucks, race cars, motorcycles, 4x4s, and airplanes.


I have recently retired from my day job as a Diagnostic Specialist/Shop Foreman


at a major Toyota dealership 


in Los Angeles.




In all that time though, there were three things I had always hoped to do


some day, and they were;  fly airplanes, scuba dive ( from watching Sea


Hunt ), and photography.  Today I am a Private Pilot and  Photographer.


Loyd Bridges had to go and die on me.. ).  Two out of three isn't bad.




For many years I always had the little cheap 110's and such, but I never


had a 35mm SLR.  I remember long ago my youngest sister bought a


Canon AE1 and was taking a photography course.  One day she took a


candid photo of my daughter with the blurred background and I thought,


wow, that's what a real camera can do!  Unfortunatly many years


passed before I finally got around to getting a 35mm SLR.  Even then it


wasn't until the Canon 10D came out that I got serious about photography.


It then became natural that my love for nature and wolves would come


together and launch my passion for photography.  I only wish I had done it


sooner.  I have always been very eclectic, but photography has really


hooked me.






Some of my publishing credits include:





National Geographic Television, Wolf Print Magazine, Defenders of Wildlife,


National Geographic Children's Books, Endangered Species Coalition,


Random House Publishing, Natural Resources Defense Council,

American Scientist Magazine,


National Wolfwatcher Coalition, National Geographic "Book Talk", 


International Wolf Magazine, International Wolf Center,

 The 06 Legacy,

National Audubon Society, Wolves of The Rockies,


High Country News, Huffington Post, Indian Country Today, Newsy.com (online news),


Spektrum der Wissenschaft (German Science Magazine), Center for Biological


Diversity... Other publications include numerous conservation groups and


organizations throughout the US and Europe, in addition to book and magazine


publications in the US, Germany, Australia, and the UK.






Nature Photography is much more than taking pictures.  Its' novelty never


wears off.  Every time I venture out, I feel the excitement of the possibilities.


Some may think, how can you sit out there for hours on end, don't you get


board?  To me it's the thrill of the hunt without the regret.  You never know


what your going to see, plus what you do see, you get to bring back with


you!  I always think about the blank c/f card I start out with, and wonder


what will be on it at the end of the day.  It's that "not knowing" that keeps it


exciting!  Even when I don't come back with anything, the time I spend out


in nature, is priceless.  I realize I'm alive when I'm in nature.  To know


something, and to realize something, are two different things.  Not to


mention the fact, you learn something every time you go out, no matter


what you bring back.




" I think perhaps one of the greatest gifts God gave us, is our ignorance

of what is to come. "




In this modern world, wildlife and nature is a distant reality for most people. With

the technological explosion of the 20th century, only a small percent of the

population actually gets out into nature to see it's beauty. I hope to help bring the

natural world closer to some, through my photography.

The more people see nature, the more they'll want to preserve it.



Get out there and Embrace Nature!





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