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Guestbook for ~ Embracing Nature Gallery ~
Christophe Boucher(non-registered)
Awesome Pictures ! I didn't know there was a guestbook to comment. I love browsing your pictures.
Dr Rin Porter(non-registered)
Your work is just beautiful. It must take oceans of patience and a great deal of skill to capture the animals on digital media and film. Thank you for offering it for us to see.
Frances Goff(non-registered)
I'm here today to get my new e-mail in your guestbook. I love looking at your beautiful wolves.
Kathy Pickrell(non-registered)
After reading American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West, I had to see images of "0-6". Yours are stunning! I have been to Yellowstone several times photographing in the Lamar Valley and had the privilege this year of seeing the Wapiti pack on a bison kill. It was incredible to watch these magnificent animals. Thank you so much for your photos! I have them bookmarked and will look at them frequently.
Lori Consaga
Thank you so much for all your beautiful pictures and memories of the wolves of Yellowstone ❤️
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